Spring Runway Fashion Inspiration for Your Home

Reports from Fashion Week announced the latest runway trends!  It’s just natural that we want these same beautiful colors and textures to translate to our homes for a fresh spring look.  Fortunately the lag time that used to exist between fashion and home décor has almost vanished. You can achieve immediate gratification when refreshing your … More Spring Runway Fashion Inspiration for Your Home

Design Trends 2014

Part of my job as an interior designer is to keep an eye on emerging trends.  I use that knowledge when I am selecting colors and products for my clients homes. Most of the projections phase in over time so you may not notice the subtle differences until it is a full blown trend. My goal … More Design Trends 2014

The Next Industrial Revolution

Industrial is hot and provides the perfect little eco-friendly, socially responsible and all-American touch to your rooms.   My Behind the Design column in Furniture Today will explain more about this trend.  http://www.furnituretoday.com/article/455551-The_next_Industrial_Revolution.php  Here are a few more pieces that will add the Industrial touch to your room. see more at      http://www.industrial-chic.com  

Romantic Ruffles

It is the little tailoring detail that can impress, inspire and seduce: the ruffle.  A long time feminine touch in clothing, now has a presence in the home fashion industry.      This is a versatile trend that can work with most interior design styles.  The unexpected ruffle detail is a tempting way to add … More Romantic Ruffles