Listed in Crain's Chicago Business
Listed in Crain’s Chicago Business
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“We knew what we liked, but had no way of knowing how to put it together, Susan listened to us and created a stunning home for our family.”

Inverness, IL  Residential Project


“I cannot tell how difficult things have been since moving here.   I want to thank Susan not only for being so gracious, but also for your patience and support as we completed our new home.  I love everything about working together with her!”

Deer Park, IL Residential Project


“Susan’s abilities for planning, designing, and co-ordinating this project were seamless. Her professionalism and attention to detail created an office that successfully capture our corporate image.”

Canadian Corporate Office Project


“We had our first Open House yesterday and EVERYONE was impressed with the design in the home.  Susan did an amazing job  . . .   and it sold at the Open House!”

Glenview, IL Residential Project

Furniture Today announcement of Behind the Design



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