Romance is in the air! A screened-in porch designed for togetherness.

romantic screened in porch

I’m putting the finishing touches on a dreamy screen-in porch. This lovely couple uses the porch throughout the year,  even on mild Maryland winter days. They are, without-a-doubt, the most romantic people I know.   This is togetherness a place.

What seems to be a small and simple project, has a unique challenge.  My client has environmental sensitivities that make typical outdoor cushions,  with their weather retardant chemical coating,  out of the question. My goal was to create an inviting look that would be stylish and safe for her to use.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.08.26 AM

We started with Royal Albert china in Cheeky Pink for inspiration.  Then I found two F. Schumacher & Co. to suit our romantic concept perfectly.

FSchumacher Love 66202The first is “Love” is a cotton embroidered with rayon, both safe for my client.Robert allen cottage stripe candy 133787_s

I added a darling little ticking by Robert Allen, Cottage Stripe in Candy.   This is a 100% cotton fabric with fairly durable 30,000 double rub abrasion factor.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 5.56.08 PMschumacher picture showing print on sofa


The true icing, on this sweet treat of layered fabric pattern,  is an amazing F. Schumacher vintage print.   Manor Rose was designed in 1944 by the legendary Dorthy Draper, the first professional interior designer in our country.  You can see from this image from F.Schumacher that the scale is gorgeously immense!



Manor Rose pattern layout


This pattern layout will make the best use of each flower for our three accent pillows.







I’m in love with the final design!  It proves that eco-friendly design for people with environmental sensitivities does not have to be earth-toned!

2 thoughts on “Romance is in the air! A screened-in porch designed for togetherness.

  1. Susan,

    I am so glad that you could use our work together for your writing. You are such an amazing writer!!!! I hope that it brings you many jobs!

    Linda >

    1. Thank you Linda! You and Gary are absolutely delightful to work with. I learn so much from you with every project we do. Your expertise with, on environmental factors influencing lifestyle has bee invaluable to me personally and to my work.

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