Eco Chic Sustainable Ideas for your Home

Quality is Inherently Sustainable
Quality is Inherently Sustainable

As a designer, I refuse to give up style.  So I focus on responsible design decisions in my work that will respect the environment while creating beautiful healthy homes.  We are fortunate to now have so many options available.   These are some of my favorite strategies for creating a  stylish interiors, that is also healthy, and environmentally friendly.

  • Right Sizing – When selecting a living space, choose just the right amount of square feet for your comfort and lifestyle
  • Optimize your environment – Locate activity areas where you can take advantage of the natural light and use absorbent materials to capture the warmth
  • Tighten the Envelope – Have an energy audit to identify areas where you can save by adding insulation or upgrading systems
  • Think Quality – Always buy the best you can afford. High quality means it will last, eliminating wasteful replacement purchases
  • Plan in Advance – Mistakes are expensive, always start with a design plan that will give you style direction and keep you focused
  • Reuse & Refurbish – Evaluate existing pieces to determine what can be used again, as-is or with modifications
  • Keep it Local – Use local manufacturers and craftspeople to reduce the energy and expense of transportation while supporting your local economy
  • Renewable & Reclaimed – When selecting materials or furnishings to use in your home research how the product is made. Bamboo, recycled glass, and reclaimed wood are all responsible choices
  • Think natural and organic – Eliminating toxins is good for personal health and the environment. Natural products are available for everything from cleaning products to furnishing
  • Look for third-party certifications to insure that the products are truly sustainable and responsible choices

For inspiration and some beautiful environmentally friendly products, visit my Pinterest board: Eco Chic


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