Spring Runway Fashion Inspiration for Your Home

Reports from Fashion Week announced the latest runway trends!  It’s just natural that we want these same beautiful colors and textures to translate to our homes for a fresh spring look.  Fortunately the lag time that used to exist between fashion and home décor has almost vanished. You can achieve immediate gratification when refreshing your home with runway inspiration.

I’ve used examples of homes from my favorite builder, Lowell Management, to show you how to create each of these looks in your own home.   Browse through for ideas that speak directly to you. Keep in mind the words of fashion leader Diane Von Furstenberg, “The most important thing, in both fashion and your home, is to know who you are and be true to that”

1 Nautical TrendNautical Chic
Utility and ease inspire this look that works so well for homes in Lake Geneva or any area where you want to adapt chic resort style simplicity. You can create the same nautical mood in the colors and stripes reported on the runway by InStyle.
Introducing graphic stripes with creative and traditional color schemes is a stylish way to bring this trend home. Detailing with accents and lighting in marine brass or shipyard riveting furthers an authentic atmosphere.

2 White Hot Trend  White and Wood Project1White and Wood
Nothing says warm weather like bright white. This season crisp, proper white was softened on the runway by Balenciaga with unexpected accents like gym shoes for a less serious mood. We are taking the same approach at home with the intentional contrast of interesting woods to highlight interior white finishes.  This kitchen features Plato Woodwork cabinetry by Geneva Cabinet Company and uses natural walnut counters for the contrasting effect.  This introduces a bit of edgy in order to reduce the formality of otherwise traditional décor.

4 Denim Project1Versatile Denim
Never far from the fashion front line, denim maintained its position as the go to fabric for casual comfort. Creative washed finishes and tailored silhouettes ruled the runway in the Sonia Rykiel collection.  The application at home invites comfort and introduces a bit of street savvy style. Upholstery and soft goods can reflect appealing washed finishes. Even choosing a paint color in the range between pale chambray and dark wash will maintain the comfort connection.

3 Yellow  Project1Sunshine Yellow
Opting for attention, bright yellow was featured on the runway by designers like Tory Burch.  Cheerful and optimistic, yellow never fails to get noticed. At small dose of bright lemon yellow in accessories achieves the effect, think daffodils. Softer versions will create a gentle background for lively or traditional color schemes.

5 FloralFloral & Gingham
Floral prints and gingham checks appeared in the Diane Von Furstenberg collection as well as many others. The key to this trend is the vibrant colors along with a stylized pattern approach. Bringing this idea home means introducing saturated color inspired by garden flowers. White is an important element in the success of this look, providing the proper context for the colors to breath.

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