Dignified Simplicity Reins in the UK

Birmingham, United Kingdom – Since Prince William and Kate Middleton announced the date of their wedding, our interest has once again turned to the UK for fashion inspiration.  The largest design show in the UK, Inteiors 2011, provided design direction that reminded me of why we are passionate about the British.  Design for the next 10 years will return to the aristocratic approach of letting a home evolve over generations.

Here are a few of the trends I spotted and love for their practicality, especially in this economy! 

Stamp Rug licensed by Britain's Royal Mail embossed with the image of Queen Elizabeth

Color comes to the rescue so you won’t surrender to boredom.  The freshest looks have several bright colors used together instead of just one accent color.  Pink, Turquoise and Violet were frequently seen in the mix.

Kelly Hoppen for Halo Home

Neutrals dominate in large furnishings.  Beige and grey in both warm and cool tones look the freshest in textures.  Burlap, linens, wools, and even fur integrate well for most design aesthetics. 

Hemelaer's Chartres Range Collection

Light, bleached, raw or slightly distressed finishes lead with their easy care and ability to take furniture from formal to livable.  Think of it as a Classy Country

Textile Art by Penelope Jordan, UK

Textiles are the newest form of art.  Stitched and hand woven pieces look welcoming and add passion to a room.



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